English to Japanese Technical Translation Services

Technical translations come in all flavors, and we are proud to handle most sub-specializations, including the most complex types of patents.

We always work with local and trusted translators who are specialized in one or a small number of subfields. When you hand us a translation, we will choose the best subject expert for your needs, make a careful analysis of references and translation memories available, and make sure all the terminologies are up to date.

After completion, all of our translations are proofread and checked internally by a seasoned quality manager, with particular attention paid to the proper use and consistency of industry terms.

Why Yoshino Trad?

Quality: Our in-house linguists are veterans of the industry with a broad experience in project management and quality assurance (QA). They are supported by a local network of trusted technical translators who have proven experience/an educational background in their specialization fields and regularly attend presentations, workshops and seminars to keep up with industry developments and trends. In terms of process, we use the latest tools of the trade to ensure accuracy and consistency of the translations, and work with advanced solutions to detect any potential mistakes left during the QA phase.

Flexibility: Our structure allows us to accommodate most needs. We cover most specialization and sub-specialization fields, and our close connection to the local translation community means we can handle large and urgent requests in a timely manner.

Reasonable pricing: Thanks to our human-size internal team and flexible workforce, we keep our overhead low and pass the savings directly to you, so you get the best value from our services.

To know more about our services and rates, please feel free to request a quote, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.